Issues of concern:

Red Hill

McDermott Supports a complete closure and decommissioning of the Red Hill fuel farm.  As a USMC  gulf war veteran, he understands the needs to balance national security with our environment.  Only Hawaii elected official to develop a plan to remove the fuel.



Perhaps the cruelest tax of all is the insidious attack of inflation precipitated by an ill-advised monetary easing policy with no end in sight amplified by a wasteful and undisciplined fiscal policy.  These poorly thought out fiscal policies discourage work and perpetuate  government dependence.


Gas Prices

The Democrats declared a war of fossil fuel and the American people lost   I want cheap abundant energy that all Americans can access.     The night Joe Biden got elected gas futures  went through the roof. Biden reentered the United States in the Paris Agreement, revoked the Keystone XL pipeline’s permit and ordering a moratorium on new oil and gas leases on federal land and water areas created a chilling affect on the oil industry directly driving prices through the roof!



The current Biden open Boards policy is harmful to Americans security relating to terrorism, drugs, and human trafficking.  For Hawaii, it is an insult to those of our fellow citizens who followed the rules and immigrated to America legally.  They did it right, now they petition for family members who must wait years, while those south of the Boarder walk right in.  Unfair.



The City and County of Honolulu has been plagued by an over budget, behind schedule rapid transit project that is about 3 billion over cost.  The local taxpayer of the City and County needs some relief of this suffocating tax burden, I will get the federal funds to help offset this debt to my best of my ability.



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