About Bob

Utu and Bob McDermott

Bob and Utu McDermott have been married for 35 years. Mr. McDermott was a USMC Officer during their first gulf war. After spending 8 months in Saudi Arabia, he came home to Hawaii with his family, being honorably discharged after 8 years as a Marine.  After giving birth to their first three biological children while in the Corps, they adopted Joey, Mrs. McDermott’s nephew from an abusive situation.  Then, a few years later, they took in a baby boy who was exposed to methamphetamine in utero (Mata).  The baby boy was doing so well so the social work asked if the McDermott’s would take in the balance of the sibling group, a full sister (also exposed to methamphetamine in utero) and a half-brother and half-sister.  Bob and Utu eventually adopted the children and have been blessed many times over for bringing in these children. They have 8 Children all now grown and healthy. 

Representative McDermott is a conservative who stopped an objectional sexual lifestyles program designed for 10-year-olds; this program violated parental rights and was medically inaccurate. Representative McDermott believes his work history, military service, family life and faith in God is the moral crucible which forms his political views.  Mrs. McDermott serves as a Catholic Chaplain.  She uses her training and her Maters Degree in Pastoral Theology to provide aid and comfort to those who are need

The McDermott family provides hope and help to all comers.  The community knows that they can come to Rep. McDermott’s office, regardless of the issue, and he will help them.  He never turns anyone away.  Mrs. McDermott also receives requests for help, from folks who want to reengage with their faith, or searching for God Parents, she is there for them.  She also serves as the back door to her husband’s office, bringing issues to his attention that need to be fixed.  They are simple family, devoted to God, spiritually rich, and shine as an example for all to see with understanding and compassion while being true to their faith.


One comment on “About Bob

  1. Hey Bob,

    Your “We are Ewa” picture is awesome! Your family alone has 1/2 the votes you need to win! Way to go!

    Aloha, Galen

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