Stop the killing in Ukraine.

Statement from Bob McDermott

The time for peace negotiations is long overdue; based on unofficial open-source reporting, approximately 300k Ukrainians and about 30k Russians have died to date, let alone the inestimable civilian wounded and maimed. While accurate verifiable numbers are hard to come by, we do know the Ukrainians are now conscripting young boys and old men as simple cannon fodder. Ukraine is a human meat grinder, with 13 million fleeing the country and another 5.5 million displaced, according to the UN.  Their infrastructure is being systematically destroyed, and few places have power. 

Due to saber-rattling on both sides, the US and Russia have both altered their official nuclear doctrine to now allow for preemptive first strikes if either party feels it is justified.  What?  Yes, both countries have moved us closer to nuclear Armageddon.  Luckily, we have the grossly incompetent Joe Biden’s hands on the button; if he can find it.

The US has obligated a little north of 114 billion in aid to Ukraine, busting our budget and accelerating inflation.  Also, depleting war stocks and degrading our military readiness to the likes not seen since the mid-1970’s. The strategic oil reserve is nearly empty.  The current administration has misled us about Ukraine – repeatedly.  The media has been totally compliant and willing accomplices. 

The US is engaged in a proxy war with Russia; we built their Army, gave them weapons and training, and continue to fund their entire existence. Support from other allies is waning; they have had enough.  We have no strategic interests in Ukraine (aside from 26 bio-labs that we are operating under sketchy circumstances).  We must stop the killing; we must negotiate an imperfect peace, now.  We must cut off the money spigot and demand peace – now. Enough slaughter.


By sivamcdermott