The Time for Peace is NOW!

Bob McDermott – Immediate Release

The Biden Administration is not serious about peace – they should be. The United States is bumbling toward WW3, and an uninspiring Joe Biden has made it personal. 

Recently, Biden went to Ukraine and recklessly taunted Putin, challenged him and was rather provocative when the time called for cool heads and diplomacy.  I am sure the site of this doddering old man, shouting threats and shuffling aimlessly to the podium, struck fear into the hardened, murderous KGB heart, of Putin. 

I concur with Biden that Putin is evil incarnate- period; this is amplified by the war crimes his troops are committing to include rape, murder, and torture.  However, Ukraine is not a national strategic interest – by gosh 30% of Ukraine speaks Russian!  The country is rife with corruption  and are hostile to religion, banning Ukrainian Orthodox churches, evicting monks from monasteries, and on it goes.  

 Most striking of all is that Ukraine is NOT a member of NATO.  Biden keeps implying they are, not sure he knows what the heck he is talking about, or what day of the week it is today? 

Ironically, NATO has been literally moving physically closer toward Ukraine and Russia for years, adding more and more member states, and becoming increasingly dominate after the fall of the Berlin Wall.  All Russian asked for was that Ukraine remain neutral and NOT join NATO. To the Russians that was just too close for comfort, understandably so for a country that has spent 80 years under the MAD (mutually assured destruction) doctrine.

Hawaii’s congressional delegation has been a rubber stamp for the warmongers and military industrial complex, fully supporting the 110 billion in aid to Ukraine, much of which, both cash and weapons, is unaccounted for at this time; this is in addition to the already 400M in equipment we have given them. All paid for by the US taxpayer.  More, public reports say we are funding Ukrainian Pensions and the like.

Biden’s incompetence has succeeded in driving Russia into China’s arms, making that a true global threat to American. This is indeed a game changer and not good for America.

 I have not heard any of the Hawaii Democrats call for peace nor negotiations; Biden has rejected – twice now – any cease fire or talks to end hostilities displaying all the wisdom of Mr. Magoo, and our naïve Hawaii congressional delegation nods their head in unison. 

As I write this today, over 50% of Ukraine has no power.  Most of the country is in rubble. It is a humanitarian crisis, refugees everywhere, families destroyed, that is what happens in war. America and the west are weaker today due to Biden’s intervention, our military has been depleted where it is absolutely affecting our readiness, we are bankrupting ourselves, for what exactly?

 Our kids are going to have to do the dying for Biden.  The US has no exit strategy, none. China now to undergird Russia, a shift if global power.  It is time for peace, it is time for an immediate cease fire.

Mr. McDermott is a USMC veteran, an Officer who served in Desert Storm; 4 of his sons followed him into the military, 2 Navy, 2 Marines.


By sivamcdermott