McDermott questions use of tax dollars for ‘Pono Choices’ research

Listen to Bob’s latest radio commercial:


IMG_0323State Representative Bob McDermott has revealed today that the University of Hawaii gave away over $52,200 in gift cards to students in the Pono Choices program!

McDermott Blasts UH for wasting taxpayer money on Pono Choices

The University of Hawaii must have plenty of money, since they are spending it on to promote a program that parents clearly said they do not want.

Unknown to parents, the discredited Pono Choices program was a “research project.” Parents were never informed of this fact. They kids were being used as human subjects for research! This is a horrible breach of trust between the DOE and the owners of the system, the parents.

Research projects necessarily require “informed consent” when human subjects are involved. Meaningful informed affirmative consent is the cornerstone of human subject protections; this did not happen. Further, because DOE facilities/resources were used, Pono Choices violated several safe guards contained in the Federal Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment (PPRA). This is all illegal, sloppy and incompetent.